Manage Your Windows7 Libraries Using Librarian

Windows 7 Libraries is a organizational element of your computer. You can manage all the folders through these elements. If you still have no idea about this then you can refer to a detailed Windows7 library guide which I wrote sometime back to explain all its functionality and features.

In short it is very useful feature because user don’t need to go to various locations to open different types of files and folders. All the folders can be open from the single place (folders should be added to any of the given default libraries or the newly created one).

Adding directories inside library is not simple. Users have to move to that particular folder and then they add the folder inside the particular library or users can right click inside library and select folder from the property menu. Both this process takes time.

Librarian is a cool application for Windows 7 that lets you manage your Windows 7 library elements in easy way. Download and install it on your computer (download link at the end of article). When you first run it, Librarian interface will appear displaying all the current libraries.


Double click on any library to open its properties. On the properties panel you can add new folders to the existing library, remove existing folders, change icons. Also it displays the default save location with a green checkmark on the icon


Also new libraries can be created and existing library can be deleted with the help of this tool. These all things can be managed through the OS but Librarian provides all the options at the same place. If you are frequent user of library feature then this tool might save your extra minutes. This tool is available free and comes in two language interfaces: English and Russian.

Download Librarian to quickly manage your Windows 7 Libraries .

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  1. I never use library area much. people who use the library area will find this application really as the best to organize their contents. 🙂 Thanks Himanshu.

    – Robin

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