Market Enabler Enables Market Places of Other Countries

Chances are that if you have a rooted Android device you want to take the full advantage of the open source capability of this wonderful platform. Having rooted my newly bought Nexus S and unveiled myself to the wonderful world of raw power, there were plenty of things that impressed me about rooting. One of the best was the ability to download the application called Market Enabler.


There are plenty of applications out there like Netflix, Spotify and Google Earth which are yet to be released in countries apart from the United States. So, in case you are from a country that is not United States and are particular about downloading applications just from the Market place then market enabler is a must have. It basically lets you enable market place of the country you wish to. There are a fair few carriers by default like Verizon and T-Mobile of United States, Rogers from Canada and a few others. You can also access market places of other places by entering the carrier code, which can be easily found online.


Market Enabler is basically a SIM Tool application to change the SIM issuer code in the Android phone.

This application is absolutely safe and it does not change your network settings. So, in case you are wondering if your network setting would suffer there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The only problem is that the settings are reverted back to your default settings once you reboot or power off your device so you have to open the application again and then restore the settings of the country you wish to enable.

Please note that you need to have your Android device rooted for this application to work.

Download Market Enabler.

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