Max Payne Is Now Available For Android

If you have been a kid growing up in the late 90s and the 2000’s, you would most likely have played the popular PC and then PS game Max Payne. If not played, am sure you must have heard about the game from a friend or seen someone play it or heard about it being played. Simply put it is one of the most popular gaming titles on the planet. The popular game is now available for those who are using Android Smart phones. So now if you have a fast processor device with Tegra 3 such as One X or a Transformer Prime, you are about to land a gaming experience like never before.

The graphics on board are absolutely phenomenal. Rockstar has indeed done a terrific job with the game and made sure it stands easily at the top of the queue of action games on Android. The big issue with all the goodness added to the game is that you require to download about 1.5 GB of data as game files in order to enjoy the game, which if you are not on Wi-Fi would consume almost your entire data plan. That is why it is highly recommended that you use Wi-Fi when installing the game and running it for the first time. The story of the game remains pretty much the same where Max Payne is an agent trying to get hold of Drug peddlers. The cinematics, cut shots and little movies in the game play add a lot of realism to the game. If you have never played a Max Payne title before either, you would have no problem in following the story.

The gameplay needless to say looks stunning. It is a mix of in game graphics and terrific screen resolution and capabilities of the Tegra 3 processor on the Transformer Prime where we saw the game. The controls are a little tough which can be learned through thorough tutorials but the physics on the game really show off the extremely good capabilities of the Tegra 3.

The game can be bought for a meager $3 which is totally worth the amount for a fantastic gaming experience. it is just about as good as it will get on handheld devices. Here is the download link for the game: Rockstar Games

Here is the demo of the game:

Via: Androidcentral

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