Maxthon: A Safe and Secure Web Browser

There are so many web browsers available on the internet today, that people have a problem trying to choose and differentiate them from each other. Even though the open source browser competition is mainly between the Google Chrome and Firefox, there are many browsers out there that people might not know about, which are equally as good as the popular names. Maxthon is one such browser that is safe, has a neat interface and provides many more features that other browsers don’t.


Maxthon comes with a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate around. Various essential tools for browsers like bookmarking tools, subscribing to RSS feeds and the Download Manager are all present on the left side of the browser window. It even has an online notepad that you can use to take notes. The most commonly visited websites are all present in boxes on your homepage for easy access. You can even add your own websites to these blocks.

Now, coming to the most important feature of this browser, the Cloud feature. This is what separates this browser distinctly from the others and really makes it stand out. Users can now store their bookmarks, contacts, passwords, browsing settings, history etc. to the cloud and access this data from any other computer in the world which has a Maxthon browser.

maxthon passport

This feature, known as the Maxthon passport is a simple way to store all your important browsing data to the cloud so you can access it later.

This browser might just the next best thing in improving the browsing experience.

Download Maxthon.

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