Meet iKettle: The Perfect way of Boiling water controlled by your smartphone

Are you a sucker for beverages, especially hot beverages? If you are, then you must have spent hours of our life, standing near the kitchen counter, waiting for the water to boil on your stove so you could pour in some coffee or tea leaves and pacify your taste buds. However, as technology grows smarter and smarter, it is giving us a chance to get lazier too, and iKettle is just one such product.


An iKettle from the outside is like any other kettle that is used for boiling water, other than the fact that it can be controlled by your iPhone or Android device. The kettle can be initiated in action using the apps and will notify you in the app if the water level in it is low or if the water has already boiled so that you can pour in. Using the iKettle will save you approximately 2 days per year due to its smart features, according to the developers.

The kettle in itself is made out of stainless steel to ensure that you have a long serving vessel and you can also customize the looks of the kettle by selecting one of the 5 different colors. The kettle is available to purchase via Amazon for about $20. The kettle obviously uses your hom Wifi to sync the ketlle and your application to tell you about the status of the water. You can check out the functioning of it all, right here:

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