Meet PuzzlePhone: Another Modular Phone in Works

We have all read and been extremely excited about the Project Ara that is being done at the secretive Google labs. Project Ara basically lets you pick a phone and its components, assemble everything based on your requirements, giving you a totally unique experience that is tailor-made for you. This way, in case you need a better camera, but are ready to forgive the battery for a smaller capacity, or any weird permutation that works for you would be viable in your device. However, Project Ara is not the only Modular phone in works. Meet PuzzlePhone.

PuzzlePhone is a slightly simpler variant of the Project Ara and is being designed by a Finnish company called Circular Devices. The basic device is made out of three parts, which are named after human anatomy as: head, spine and heart. The spine as expected has the main display, the hardware buttons as well as the speaker and the microphone, basically set of things, you cannot do without; the heart of the device consists of the battery as well as the secondary electronic boards; the brain as expected will house the CPU, storage as well as other electronics. The device will run a forked version of Android and will have hardware that would be customizable based on your taste, for example, colour or material preferences.

The device is expected in mid of 2015, and has been in works right since 2013. The Finnish company plans to bring the device in a mid-tier segment when it launches.


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