Micromax Superfone Canvas A100: A Cheap And Good Alternate To Other Big Screen Android Phones?

Always craved for that extra large Phablet but the green paper they asked for was far from reach. Micromax, the Gurgaon based manufacturer eyeing for the silver in Indian market is keen to demarcate itself from the crowd by introducing Superfone Canvas A100 and A90.

With a 5.0 inch LCD, it puts the A100 well into the same category as the Galaxy NOTE and LG Optimus VU. Where it shines out though is the asking price. Where the NOTE will set you down a hefty 30k IR, the A100 comes dead cheap at 10k IR. The insides run a decent pack of a dual core 1GHz processor, with 4GB inbuilt space and add to that an extra SIM card slot. On the front you have a 5 inch LCD packing  854 x 480 pixels. Image capture seems decent for the price tag with a 5mp rear and front VGA cameras. Bluetooth 3.0 is a nice addition and the 2000mAh battery should do fine.

If you want something more portable, Micromax has that covered too. The Superphone A90 attempts to do a little more with a 4.3” Super AMOLED display packing 800 x 480 pixels. That is the same resolution as the GSII, but the plus at the end missing means it may not be a standard pixel setting. Also what makes this smaller set better than the A100 is the 8mp rear camera. All this on top of the same innards packed in A100. Both come standard with Micromax’s Siri like Aisha voice assistant. With the better hardware, the A90 will make you shell out 12,999 IR. The bigger brother A100 is set at 9999 IR. That is the sweetest deal one can find on the planet and do we have to tell that they both run ICS.
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Superphone A100
Superphone A90

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