Microsoft Announces that Windows 10 will run iOS and Android Apps

In what was easily the most interesting announcement of last night’s BUILD Conference where Microsoft gave out more details to the developers about its upcoming Windows 10 release, it was announced that Windows 10 as an Operating System will now support both iOS and Android applications, which would in some ways help bridge the gap between mobile and desktop app availability. Microsoft announced that it has come up with a quick way which would basically allow Windows 10 to quickly compile Android apps that are written in Java or C++ so that you can enjoy them on your desktops or laptops.


To do this, Windows developers can largely reuse the Android code, but will have to use some of the Windows Platform tools to be able to run the apps, but this is definitely so much better than having to start from the scratch and develop an app right from the ground up.

Not just the Android apps, Microsoft will include supporting APIs for iOS apps so that iOS apps can also be used. We have already seen the likes of Blackberry and even Android go this route from the days where only iOS and then Android apps were in majority as it saves the developers a lot of time and efforts when they cannot afford to code the apps uniquely for the platform.

Via: Android Central

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