Microsoft Claims to have shipped more Windows Phone Devices than iPhone in India

Microsoft is betting big with Windows Phone devices. It is essentially now the third biggest player in the smart phone industry overtaking BlackBerry according to the latest IDC smart phone rankings. Here are more details on that story. However, to think that there are more Windows Phone devices sold in the last quarter of 2012, than the popular iPhone is a bit difficult to digest.

iPhone vs Windows Phone

(image courtesy: cultofmac)

But this is exactly the claim of Microsoft that in the following seven countries they have been able to dethrone the iPhone and managed to sell more devices than the Apple manufactured smart phone. the countries where Microsoft has had this success are:

  • Argentina
  • India
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine

Seventh in the list a set of small countries such as Croatia. Although, it is pretty easy to translate that all the above listed countries are those with emerging markets and since Windows Phone devices are available for a fairly cheaper price as compared to the premium iPhones, it is not very difficult to see what has happened here. These numbers are from the IDC report which we have spoken about earlier, and it definitely puts things into perspective. Although, Windows Phone devices have had a decent success in emerging markets, it is yet to stamp the authority to match the likes of Android and iOS in bigger markets such as the US, UK and most of Europe. And if the current trend is to go by, there is little chance of anything like that happening in the near future.

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