Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Public Preview Release Date

Windows 8 might not be the flavor of the month, but gradually people are taking to it. The Metro UI makes a little more sense to people today than it did when they first experienced the new version of the most popular OS for PC. There have been numerous leaks about the next update to Windows called the Windows 8.1 or Project Windows Blue and the return of what is now the legendary Start Button. There are also rumors about more customizations possible with tile sizes and a newer version of Internet Explorer.


At Wired Business Conference held at New York, Julie Larson-Green told that Microsoft is working on releasing a public preview version of Windows 8.1 as early as June 26th which is when the Build Conference begins. Historically, Build has been the conference of Software Developers of Microsoft, so it makes sense they get the first dibs on the next Windows. The event would also be a big enough stage for Microsoft to make an important announcement like this.

Microsoft definitely must be hoping that the Windows 8.1 is a lot more popular among the masses than how Windows 8 turned out to be. Although, more than a 100 million Windows 8 licences have been sold out, but who is to say Windows 8.1 would not improve on that figure. We still await more concrete details about Windows 8.1 and what changes would it bring to the table.

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Via: Redmondpie, Microsoft

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