Microsoft Fix it Optimizes Your Laptop’s Battery Life

One of the major features we look up when we buy a new laptop is usually the battery backup. In fact while using the laptop or any portable device on the go all we really wish for is that the battery back-up is extended. But the sad part is that batteries are probably the downfall of most of the good devices especially laptops. In past we reviewed awesome Airfoil to increase the battery life and PwrDrian to check the battery usage. And now we are going to tell you something different and legit way by Microsoft to help you improvise on the battery conditions of your dear laptop.

There is a Microsoft’s tool known as Fix it to extend the battery life of your PC. It is a little app by which you can find out the power related issues of your laptop and then the tool repair and optimize the power settings of your laptop.

Go to Microsoft’s website to download the tool (link given at the end). It is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. Now run it and click on the Accept button to accept the terms and conditions by Microsoft license agreement.


Now the tool will get installed on your PC.


Now you have to click on a “Detect problems” button. Click on “Detect problems and apply the fixes for me”.


The app searches for all the issues and displays the result on the interface. It automatically applies the fix to the issue also.


By going with the recommended settings I could see a difference of about 20-25 minutes in the battery back up of my laptop. This may not seem too much but it could be the difference between you finishing the important presentation you were working on to you not being able to or you watching the end of that epic movie in flight or leaving you guessing with the ending all the way through.

This tool primarily fixes the settings that consume more power to a more balanced state. It is not possible to dramatically increase the battery back up using any tool, however this is as good as it gets so I highly recommend this.

Download Fix it [via Ghacks].

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