Microsoft Gives in Depth Information on How it Designed Ms Office for iPad

Microsoft announced Ms Office Suite for iPad soon after Mr Satya Nadella was announced the new CEO. It was the beginning of the new Microsoft and you could feel that in the air. since then plenty has happened. What this move also did was it reiterated that there are apps or services that are popular enough to withstand any test of time and it was no wonder that all three apps consistently featured among the top free apps for weeks after the initial release.


The experience of using Powerpoint, Word or Excel on iPad has been tailored specifically from ground up and you actually feel it when you use the applications. One of the ways that you realise this is when you use Ms Excel. There were no miniscule buttons or need to zoom into the application, everything was big and bold enough for you to navigate around using your fingers and experience the suite like it should be. In fact, the Ms Excel app has replaced both the Google Docs as well numbers app on our iPad and if you just need to study or read sheets without the need of composing one, the free version of Excel is fantastic.

So, what exactly went into designing these apps for iPad? How did Microsoft go about what surely was one of their most challenging projects? Thankfull, Microsoft has published a report on the entire process and we highly recommend reading it. Microsoft wrote:

From its inception, the Office for iPad project has been a blend of imagination and passion. When we had our first tantalizing glimpse of the iPad, we were intrigued by the huge opportunity ahead: enabling Office customers—over 1 billion around the globe—to rediscover the power of mobile productivity in new and exciting ways.

You can read the entire design approach and what went into making the project a success here

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