Microsoft Has Made a Selfie App for iOS

Microsoft has been making apps for platforms other than Windows for a while now. Remember the excitement around the users when the Office was released for Macs, which prompted Steve jobs and Bill Gates to come face to face? Looks like not a lot has changed and Microsoft is very much, still interested in developing apps for Apple owned ecosystems. It’s been happening for OSX and iOS and yet again, yesterday, Microsoft announced an app that it has developed for iOS. The application is called Selfie and will be available to those with an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. 

Selfie App by MS

The app has a really simple interface where you simply fire it and take a selfie using the app or from the gallery. Once you have the selfie in place, you will see that the application automatically enhances the picture by taking into account, things like the light, skin tone and other variables along. An average photo is all of a sudden transformed into a really cool image at one click. The application basically plays with the contrast, white balance and the exposure and removes any visible distortion if it sees in the selfie. if you do not like what the application has done, it also gives you the option of choosing your own filter and applying it.

Once this is done, you will be able to save the selfie or even go ahead and share it out to your social media network. the application needs, at least iOS 8 on your device to work.

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