Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

There have always been instances when you wish you had that extra key for easy access when typing or playing a game or anything which requires you to customize your keyboard. Now Microsoft has come up with a keyboard layout creator which helps to create exactly the layout you wish to have on your keyboard and you can switch between the layouts whenever you wish.


The interface of the tool contains a keyboard with all the keys missing. All you have to do is click on the keys you wish to configure and type in the key from the keyboard you wish to have there. Some keys like the Caps Lock, Alt etc remains same but all the other keys can be changed according to the requirements of the user. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use and there is also a legend present at the bottom of the interface which tells you which shade of color of the keys represents what.

You can test the new layout of your keyboard by pressing the Project> Test keyboard layout option.

Once you are satisfied with your layout, select Project> Properties, and enter the name and other details required.

Once the project properties are added, it is time to build the new keyboard layout. Go to Project> Build DLL and Setup package. The process then becomes an installer that you need to run afterwards to run the keyboard layout.

Download Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4.

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