Microsoft launched a consumer awareness initiative – #BeCyberSafe

A number of times we see people across geographies indulging in business transactions. When the distance becomes an issue, IT comes to the rescue, and that is exactly what happened in a recently released video by Microsoft.

Two individuals from different parts of the country collaborate for a business deal but end up being a victim of cyber crime. Who should be blamed for the same? Neither was ready to take the responsibility because the reason was sheer ignorance on their parts. In this case, ignorance is not bliss but a blunder!

Friendly relations between the two partners turn bitter when the blame game over an online transaction started. They did not take the required precautions while making the transaction. Right from checking the padlock to updating software from time to time, readiness to combat cyber threats is what is required. We often regret when the damage is done. Let’s try to become the technophiles who are more aware and stop neglecting software updates. Cutting across geographies, Microsoft’s creative depiction gives a strong message to make the end user cautious while making online transactions and proactively take charge of their digital assets before the hackers make them their own! So before the day closes,  do update your systems and stay safe in the cyberspace.


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