Microsoft Lumia 850 Leaks out in a Render

Nokia always saw the 8xx line of its Lumia lineup as the go-to line for those who needed a smartphone just shy of the absolute top of the line and still did not want to compromise on the great camera experience. Now that Nokia’s mobile business is owned by Microsoft you would expect some things to change. But so far, other than the moniker on top, which is of Microsoft rather than Nokia not a lot is different. Post the launch of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL globally, Microsoft is already working on the Lumia 850.


The device was pictured and leaked out by the popular twitter account @Onleaks. The leaks are in the form of factory schematics, with pretty much all the dimensions of the device outlined right there. From looking at the device, you have the standard Microsoft Lumia brand logo at the back, a small hump in the camera module and a very typical Lumia boxy design.


The plastic body seems to have a metallic frame which would definitely add some premium feel to the phone. The volume rocker and the power button would continue to live on the right of the device while the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone. The Micro USB connector we are presuming is on the top. According to the information of @Evleaks, another popular Twitter account, the phone would have a front facing flash and will come in gold trim and Microsoft logo in golden color. No estimated release date has been mentioned of the phone so far.

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