Microsoft Makes a Special Keyboard for Excel on Android Tablets

One of the best things about an Android device is the customisations that it offers. And thanks to a very active developers community the things that come out from the closet codes are absolutely jaw-dropping at times and you feel suddenly the universe makes so much more sense. One such moment came in last evening when Microsoft announced a new keyboard that was specially designed for those who are addicted to Excel.

Excel Keyboard

As a numbers person, I use Excel a lot, be it on the computer or on the phone, barely a day goes by when I have not seen the vertical columns and horizontal rows come face to face. And since Excel is all about numbers, having a keyboard that is primarily alphabets makes little sense. This is why Microsoft has come up with a keyboard with number keys placed right next to the alphabets for easy entry. The keyboard has a very material design like feel with a grey background and has slightly diminutive alphabet keys to accommodate the full-sized keyboard with numbers.

Obviously the keyboard works with any other application other than Excel too, so you will not be limited to just that. You can use the keyboard like you would use any third party keyboard, which is by downloading, activating and then selecting it. The only drawback is that the keyboard is available only for tablets, so for those with Android phones, can look away.

Download the keyboard from Google Play here

Via: GSM Arena

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