Microsoft Officially Rebrands Skydrive to OneDrive

Microsoft Skydrive was initially launched to take on the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive competing for numero uno spot as the Cloud backup solution for the consumers. Despite some really brilliant free offers, skydrive failed to really make the sort of impact it was meant to make. Then came a law suite which forced Microsoft to change the name, and we guess welcomed a new start.


As a result, Microsoft has rebranded it and is bringing Skydrive in an all new avatar. It’s called Onedrive and is available to download now on Android as well as iOS. The service is available on the web too. If you sign up for OneDrive today, you would get free space of 7 GB in the cloud. Additionally if you use Skydrive’s backup feature for your camera pictures and videos, you get an additional space of 3 GB right there. beyond this, there is also an interesting referral program where if you refer a friend you get a total of 500 Mb space over and above. You can do that to about 10 friends and earn around 5 GB of space, making total of 15 GB space available. This is definitely lesser than Dropbox, but with services like Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive all competing now for the same audience, keep an eye on several promotional offers where you can get plenty of space in Cloud for free.

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