Microsoft Security Essential: Best Windows Antivirus [Recommended]

Every computer which has an internet connection or CD/DVD drive has a threat of malware from outer source. When your computer connects to the internet then chances are high that malicious software tries to install itself on your computer. There software contains virus, spyware, malware and other harmful contents. Once installed it makes your PC slows down or stole some important data present inside your PC.

To protect your computer from malicious software you need to run antivirus software all the time on your PC. Now the problem is internet is fed up with lots of antivirus solution. Some antivirus products comes free of cost and some are not free. It’s really hard to decide which is the best antivirus program present in the market.


If you are using genuine Microsoft operating system then you can go for free antivirus solution provided by Microsoft known as Microsoft Security Essentials. It comes with lots of security features such as real-time protection, Windows firewall integration, network inspection system, award winning protection engine, works with Microsoft automatic update.

The software has only 7 MB size and has a dead simple user interface. Using this program is really easy. Unlike critical settings in other antivirus software programs, there are only four tabs present on the interface. Each tab contains very fewer number of options. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Click on the Home tab to get the status of real-time protection and virus and spyware definitions. If the color of the whole interface is green then everything is fine. If the colored turn red then it means that there is a risk of security threat on your PC. The interface turns red color generally when the real-time protection is turned off or when virus and spyware definition is not up to date.

From here you can perform either quick or full system scan. Quick scan looks on those area where chances of threat are maximum. Full scan scans your complete PC. There is an option of custom scan where you can choose a custom location to scan.


The other tab is Update tab. Here you can see a big “Update” button. On clicking it the software will check for any available update and if it is available then it will start downloading it. Software and malware definitions are necessary to be updated because malicious software is continually being developed and the method to know these newly developed threats is to  update the software to updated all the software and malware definitions.

It displays definition created date and time, definition checking date and time and sirus and spyware definition version.


Click on the Settings tab to browse all the available settings. Here you can tell it to run a schedule scan of your computer. You can choose the scan interval by selecting the scan type, day and time. The latest 2.0.657.0 version also includes one new feature, i.e. Limit CPU usage during scan. You can choose the percentage of CPU usage by this program so that it won’t affect the speed of your PC while scanning.


While testing this software I found that it catches all the threats quickly and notifies you (real time technology). Also it doesn’t affect the speed of my computer. Depending on the alert level it provides Remove, Quarantine and Allow options to deal with the detected threat. For novice users there is a Clean computer button also available to clean your PC without thinking of anything.

Overall it is a fast, smart, better, free and reliable anti virus solution from Microsoft. It doesn’t give us the second thinking that whether it is good to use this antivirus or not. Highly recommended by us.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials.

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