Microsoft Takes the Mickey out of Siri in the latest Commerical

It habecome bit of trend in the tech space to take cheap shots at one another, and more often than not Apple has been at the receiving end. You can see this as an evidence of how other OEMs are maybe wary of the growing dominance of Apple and continuous trend setting, but more than anything else, it has made for some really hilarious commercials. Samsung has been the main culprit who has taken every opportunity to push Apple and ridicule it, be it making fun of the rather poor battery backup on the iPhones or smaller displays on them when compared to the Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, this time, it is not Samsung but Microsoft who has taken a sly dig at Apple and its Personal Voice Assistant Siri. The commercial sees Cortana on an HTC One M8 take on Siri in a straight battle for features. This is not the first time that Microsoft has pitted Cortana against Siri as you may remember the very first Cortana commercial which featured the Lumia 635.

Siri is not the only product of Apple that Microsoft has targeted. Previously during the launch of Surface Pro 2 too, Microsoft had compared and shot down the Apple made, Macbook Air. So, without keeping you waiting anymore, here is the latest commercial:

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