Microsoft to allow Open Source Apps in Windows 8 App Store

Well, if you use a Mac you must be familiar that Mac App store does not support open source applications. But that won’t be the case for windows 8 users. Microsoft will allow open source applications to feature in the Windows 8 app store. According to The H this is how Microsoft plans to manage the open source applications in windows 8:

Apps that are released under an Open Source Initiative-recognized open source license can, at least in the pre-release version of the Windows Store, be distributed according to terms that contradict Microsoft’s Standard Application License Terms if this is required by the open source license.


However even though the reports are floating that inclusion of Open source apps is likely, Microsoft is marinating its silence on the issue. Microsoft is talking talking about the inclusion of open source apps and it does not want to promote the fact the open source apps may feature in window 8 app store.

We still don’t know if Microsoft will allow developers to use open source languages to make applications for windows 8. Windows 8 beta will be going live at the end of January or the beginning of February and with it we might see a glimpse of Windows 8 app store too.
This is what Microsoft has said about windows 8 app store:

“Metro-style applications will be licensable, marketable and downloadable from the Windows 8 Store. Non-Metro-style Desktop Apps will only be marketable from inside the store, with links provided to developers’ sites for sales/downloads.”

[via Technobuffalo].

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