Microsoft Unveils the Windows 10 Price in India

Microsoft released the official update to Windows 10 yesterday for laptops, desktops and most of the Surface devices. This is the Windows Update that has been met with most enthusiasm till date, primarily because Windows 10 is pretty much everything that Windows 8 should have been which was less than very enthusiastically taken by the customers as well as the tech critics. It is finally that we have a full baked Windows OS available probably since the days of Windows 7.

Windows 10

Add to it that with Windows 10, Microsoft is finally looking to do away with software fragmentation and bring everything under one roof, the update without a doubt becomes absolutely must have. Windows 10 update is free for anyone who is running Windows 7 or 8 and is willing to upgrade.

The update center will automatically download the update for you and you can have your fun times of experimenting with Windows 10 by simply allowing the system to install it. However, if you are building your own system or are running a Windows version that is even older than Windows 7 or Windows 8, likes of Windows XP, then you will have to pay to get the update to Windows 10. Microsoft India has now revealed the pricing of Windows 10 in case you are looking for the update.

You will have to pay Rs 7,999 for the Home Edition of Windows 10 and Rs 14,999 for the Pro Edition. The prices have been made official by Microsoft here.

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