Microsoft Unveils the XBox One

After eight years from the exact date that it showed off the XBox 360, Microsoft has taken the veils of the XBox One. The XBox 360 was undoubtedly way ahead of it’s time and continues to dominate as the most preferred gaming console out there, and Microsoft is betting big with the XBox One.

Microsoft XBox One

The box was four years into development and is perhaps has already gained substantial traction over PlayStation 4 after bizarrely Sony did not show off the hardware of PS 4. Microsoft though, left no tables unturned, as it went full on showing off all the capabilities of the XBox One. Not just games, the XBox One will also be a launchpad of the Halo Live Action Video Series which will be produced by Steven Spielberg. The XBox One will be in market later in the year and has three hardware parts basically, the console, a Kinect for recognizing all your voice commands and gestures and the controller. There will be plenty of exclusive contents for XBox One, but one thing to note is that all games from now on will be installed to HDD and will be tied to your XBox Live Account. This will help Microsoft eradicate people using discs from friends and force them to buy new ones.

XBox One will also support Skype calling and ability to do multiple tasks such as watching a movie and surfing the web. You can also watch TV now on the same Television set where you have connected the XBox One without having to swap through ports which is indeed very useful. The console, or as referred to by Microsoft, an Entertainment System is aiming to unify all the different gadgets you use and combine them into one. How successful this move would be can only be said for sure when the XBox One releases to public, but we do feel, Microsoft may well have a winner here.

You can check out more on the XBox One here.

ImageVia: Reuters

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