Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 as the Next Generation of Windows

After days of speculations and stories all over, Microsoft has finally unveiled their next edition of Windows, calling it Windows 10. Yes, the naming has raised as many questions as the reason to bring the new update without having much to show for it. It was rumored for a while that Microsoft will call the next Windows version, Windows One or Windows 9 or even Windows X, but its finally Windows 9.

Windows 10

As expected, Microsoft has called the Windows 10 update, the most comprehensive platform ever and promised that everyone upgrading from Windows 7, which seems to be their target audience alongside the new Windows adopters, will feel the massive difference. All that we had seen in the leaked screenshots of the update was confirmed, as Microsoft showed off the Start Menu which has come back after years, though with tiles for the most used apps included too. You have the desktop and the tiled environment, but more apps including Windows Store can now run in the desktop environment. You can also resize live tiles now in the tiled environment. Charms live on on the right side of Windows 10, and you have the ability to Ctrl+V to paste in the Command Prompt. There is universal search, a bit like Spotlight on Mac, but at the bottom. You also have a ‘Task View’ that basically shows all the open tasks and apps.Continuum mode allows users using hybrid tablet devices to convert from tablet to desktop mode without a problem.

The Windows 10 Preview version for the enthusiasts will be available to download tomorrow, while Microsoft promised to announce more features and final release dates at BUILD Conference, next year in 2015.

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