Mini Lyrics: Displays Lyrics of Songs Automatically while Playing

Mini Lyrics is a really cool tool to have if you want to view the lyrics of the songs you are playing on your media player. There are many apps available which will search for the lyrics automatically. But this app even highlights the words that are being said at an instant so you can sing along. How cool is that?


There are many skins to choose from that even match the player you are using. The app, once installed automatically syncs itself to Windows Media Player, iTunes, and VLC Media Player and opens whenever any of these players are opened. Once a track is played, the app automatically searches for the lyrics and the words are displayed on the screen. The lines that are being said in the song are highlighted as the song progresses which looks really cool.

The coolest thing about this tool is that even the trial version of the app never expires. So you can use this app all the time.

mini lyrics orange

The only annoying thing about the app is the orange line below the display. You can close it but it pops up again after some time. It doesn’t look that bad anyway.

Overall the app is a must have for all those music buffs who just can’t get enough!!!

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