Minime Lets You Manage Your Open Window Easily

Minime is a tool for Windows that allows users to manage their open window with easy shortcuts to minimize and maximize them at will and also arranges the windows in a neat list for easy access. Minime is a popular tool that is unique in a way that it keeps your system tray clean by minimizing all open applications into a single tray icon.


Minime comes built in with a host of features to help users to easily manage their sometimes cluttered desktop by arranging their windows into a single tray icon to make your desktop look neat and organized. It allows users to create special hotkeys for minimizing and maximizing their windows on the desktop. Assign these hotkeys and you can manage your windows with simple keyboard shortcuts. The minimized windows are arranged in a list displayed on the Minime icon in the system tray. So you have instant access to all of your windows in the system tray which reduces clutter on the taskbar of your desktop. Even startup icons in the system tray can be arranged into a single icon using Minime to reduce clutter within the system tray.

Minime is a stand alone portable utility that does not require an installation. Simply download the zip file and extract the files from it. Then, run the application. You can configure Minime to automatically run in the system tray when Windows starts. Minime is a useful utility if you often have many windows open at once on your desktop. Minime can help you by reducing the clutter and helping you stay organized.

Download Minime.

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