Minimum In Store Purchase Dropped to Rs 10 in Google Play Store

Google Play Store is immensely popular in India. In fact, India is one of the top countries when it come sth the number of people who are growing Google Play Store at any given point of time. However, one issue that has plagued the Play Store in India has been the inability of people to purchase applications. Fighting this and coming up with a viable solution to the problem, Google has decided to reduce the minimum price of an app purchase or an in app purchase in India from Rs 50 to Rs. 10.

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There have been several factors why Indians have been a little apprehensive when it comes to purchasing applications. Given the fact most of the apps have their apk available somewhere or the other fro free, lack of carrier billing, lack of international debit card transactions and on occasions fear of complication transactions, has made the likes of Google and Apple treat the Indian market with special attention. Apple recently dropped the minimum app value as well as in app purchases to Rs 10 and Google has decided to do the same.

This has been done to lure the impulse buyers as well as those who do have valid payment mechanisms but just choose not to buy the application because they feel it is too expensive. The developers can now go on to their Developer Console and change the pricing of the app or the in app purchase to Rs 10. The minimum price for Google Play Store in the United States remains at $.99 despite this fall in the Indian market.

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