MobileTrans from WonderShare allows you to Transfer Data from one Smartphone to the other Easily

Long gone are the days when mobile devices used to be simple instruments to make or receive the odd phone call or text message. Our mobile phones today are an extension of us and our hub of entertainment and communication. No wonder our phones are a store of several images, music, contacts, texts etc. Now, imagine a solution when you have to move from one phone to the other. While there are some official softwares available, there is no tool that allows you to transfer data cross platform.


This is where MobileTrans comes into the fray. The software is made by Wondershare which provides several such software solutions. MobileTrans allows you to basically transfer data including images, texts, contacts, apps, videos etc from one mobile smartphone to the other. Using the tool is extremely simple, and all you need to really do is, download it and then go ahead and connect the two devices to the same computer. MobileTrans is available for both Mac and Windows. Once you connect the phones, you decide which of the devices will be the source and which would be the destination. You then need to select the data that you wish to transfer, and go ahead with the task.

The UI of the app is really simple, though the speed of the transfer at times felt a tad slow. Also, there is no option of picking which exact apps or contacts or images do you want to transfer. You totally need to go ahead and transfer all of them using MobileTrans. The app is available for free for a trial, though the full version will cost you only $19.99.

Download MobileTrans from here

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