Mobogenie for Windows is the Android Phone Manager You Have Wanted All Along

Although we are all set to make a paradigm jump from using desktop PCs or Laptops to completely wireless and portable devices such as smart phones or tablets, there is always a situation or two where you have to turn your big bad PC on. And more than one occasion it is to transfer stuff from your PC to your handheld device. Although there are several methods to do this wireless such as over Wi-Fi, but most of these services either have a data cap or are simply not free. Hence, we fall back to a desktop manager. For iOS the ultimate desktop manager is iTunes, but for Android the question lingers on.

Enters MoboGenie

Yes, let the drums roll, let the smoke settle and all the pictures of a genie actually appearing before you get clear. Mobogenie is actually not far off from a real genie, but actually grants just one of your wishes. And that wish is to help you manage your Android smartphone. Although this wish is nothing short of spectacular and one we are sure not many genies can actually bring to life apart from Mobogenie.


So, to cut the dramatics, Mobogenie is an all in one desktop Manager for Windows that helps you manage your Android smartphone. The app is available for Windows and requires you to install it and connect your Android smartphone to Mobogenie. You must ensure your device has debugging on for MoboGenie to recognize your phone. The onscreen instructions are very clear, which definitely helps if you are a first time user. Not just this, there are several other features such as the ability to download apps, wallpapers, ringtones or backup and restore your device using Mobogenie. Where does the app lack and where does it standout? Let us jump in.

Where MoboGenie as a Desktop Manager Excels?

The best feature of Mobogenie without a doubt is the fact that the app supports a vast array of Android versions. Right from version 2.3 to the latest 4.3, we could use Mobogenie to manage our Android devices. This gives it a significant advantage over several in house desktop clients which have compatibility issues.


Mobogenie also brings to table plenty of free goodies such as apps, wallpapers, ringtones which are extremely handy as you do not have to jump all over the places to find these basic things. You can also backup your images, contacts, texts and other important things from your Android phone and restore them in case you wanted to switch phones or simply restore your Android device to factory settings.


You also have the option to edit or change the contacts as well as manage your text messages or send them using the desktop client that Mobogenie is. So, feature wise, there is no denying the fact that MoboGenie is one of the best all round desktop clients out there and the fact it is absolutely free is just an icing on the cake.

The Scope of Improvement

Although the app is great, there is always scope of things getting better. Mobogenie for all it’s awesomeness has not gone cross platform yet. Imagine if they could somehow come up Mobogenie that includes desktop client for your iPhone, Windows Phone as well as Blackberry! Yes wishful thinking on our part, but that would pretty much make the app the ultimate one.


Also, we had to connect and disconnect the device several times to get the app to recognize it. This is a major issue and it would be better if things were a lot smoother. The interface although has been updated and UX has been so much better since the app was updated, but still the image of the phone connected on the left is very hit and miss. Also, an Android app could be made which would help people backup the phone directly on the internal storage.


To cut the long story short, Mobogenie has amazing potential, but there is so much more that can be done to make this app an absolute champion and a must have on Windows Machine. Also, would have liked to have the same app running on our Mac OSX as well as Linux and Unix Computers. Till tat happens though, go ahead and download the application from here and enjoy backing up your Android device in a manner, that is easy, simple, reliable and free. You can also check out their website here.

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