Monitor All Programs from your Task Manager Using Average CPU Cycles

Average CPU cycles is a portable and lightweight app that monitors a single program from your processes to help users analyze how that program is performing on their computer. You can use the default Task manager available in Windows but the Task manager shows you the data from all the processes running on your computer all together. The data is fairly accurate but if you want things in more detail then Average CPU Cycles is a handy tool to have.

Average CPU cycles gives more accurate results as compared to the Resource Monitor in Windows. The app studies the data for one single app for a specified time to give you results that are relevant to that particular app only. So users will have an idea about how much of the resources each program is using from their computer unlike the Resource monitor which also gives results for specified programs but while monitoring all the other programs simultaneously. So the results will vary and are more approximate than the app.

What’s more, the portable app is much easier to understand for novice users than the previously covered Resource monitor. Once downloaded, no installation is required and the app adds itself to the Resource monitor so from then on, all the results that the Resource monitor displays are given by Average CPU cycles.

Average CPU cycles is free for download and available for Windows only.

Download Average CPU Cycles.

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