Monitor Deleted Files and Folders with Deletion Extension Monitor

Sometimes you may delete a file but then realize that you needed it. Deletion Extension Monitor is an application that monitors deleted files that have also been deleted from the Recycle Bin. These files are monitored and stored in a temporary folder. The application shows the date\time of deletion, name of file, process, size and extension of the file.


Deletion Extension Monitor allows users to monitor files that have been deleted from the computer and displays the list to the user. Monitoring is done continuously and whenever a file is deleted from the computer, the log is save in a temporary folder on the computer. These are later deleted automatically so you wont have to worry about the application using up all of your hard disk space.

You can configure various settings of Deletion Extension Monitor.

1. Configure the application to start automatically when Windows is started.

dem settings

2. You can choose to save the logs to a file. This option is given as some users may be concerned about the space that the logs will be occupying on their hard disk.

3. You can choose to skip certain files. Simply specify the size of the files which you want to neglect.

dem file extensions

You can manage the extensions that you want the application to monitor by going into the extensions panel on the window. Select the extensions that you want the application to monitor or simply tick the box to monitor all file extensions.

Download Deletion Extension Monitor.

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