Monitor Graphics Processing Unit Temperature with GPU Temp

Do you play a lot of games on your computer? If you do, then you really need to take care of your GPU. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit.) temperatures increase considerably while playing games and other heavy utilities that require resources in plenty. This temperature changes can sometimes cause your GPU to breakdown which will again require a large investment from your side to buy another one. Now you can monitor your GPU temperatures and keep a close watch on the temperatures using GPU temp, a utility that displays the temperatures and the amount of resources used from your GPU.

gpu temp

The app comes in a simple installer that does not take much of your valuable time. Once installed, the window opens up and you can view the core temperatures of your GPU and it also shows the amount of memory being used at a particular instance. The app also displays the percentage of load that the GPU is taking while its resources are being used so you can keep track of its limitations and how best you can utilize it.

For example, if the app shows the load on the Video engine to be above, say, 50%, then you know that whatever you are doing is too much for your GPU to handle and should be stopped immediately. The app also displays a graph between the time and the temperature giving you an idea of how much the temperature is increasing per minute of your computer’s runtime.

So this utility gives the user an idea of how best to optimize the GPU performance by keeping a close watch on its temperature variations.

Download GPU Temp.

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