Monitor Your CPU Frequency On Android Device Using CPU Spy

Battery life is an extremely critical parameter to judge a device on. If you are a developer or anybody who has a keep interest in the functionality of the CPU of your device then chances are you would really want to know what frequency your device operates at most of the time. Recently I picked an HTC One X for myself and even though I love the device, I was really disappointed with the battery conditioning. However, one application that can really show you whether your device is running at optimum levels is CPU Spy.

CPU Spy is a free to download application from the google play store and extremely easy to use. It is an effective application that does what it is designed for. The UI is extremely simple and there is not much customization the user can do. It i a very basic monitoring app that tells the user at what frequency your CPU operates and for what duration. For example and HTC One X has a maximum frequency of 1400 MHz on a single core so starting from deep sleep state to 1400, the app tells you all the operating frequencies. If you are manually conditioning your device, it is optimum that your device should have a high percentage of deep sleep state which would be attained when the phone is locked. Also, if your phone is working at very high frequencies for a very long duration of time, the battery consumption and heat dissipation are both likely to be extremely high which may affect the performance.

This application is extremely handy if you want to customize a newly inserted kernel or ROM as it accurately predicts the state of the device. The application is extremely light and a must have if you are a real enthusiast and want to get in the operational details of your phone.

Download link: Play Store

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