Monitor your internet download and upload data transfers thoroughly with Real Network Monitor

Real Network Monitor is an extremely useful application that allows users to monitor the speeds and data that is being downloaded and uploaded through their internet connection. Data monitoring tools are becoming increasingly essential for high speed internet users who have to take extreme care when it comes to data transfers and make sure that the data being transferred through their internet is not being done without their consent. Real Network Monitor is a light and easy to operate application that can help you to accurately monitor the downloads and uploads of data from your computer.

real network monitor

Sometimes, users will find that their data transfer is unusually high even when they are not doing anything on the internet. If this is the case, the users have to be extremely cautious about their monthly data transfer limit and make sure there are no trojans or other viruses on their computer that are silently transferring data without your knowledge.

Real Network Monitor is a simple and easy to use application that will help users to take care and ensure that their data is not being lost or wasted by some unknown entity. On the main window of the application, you will find various details about your internet connection like the type, speed, MAC address, download and upload speeds etc. Next to these options, you will find a list of the received interface IP’s and the time at which your computer was connected to those IP’s.

The application even comes with a Speed Test. Click on the Speed Test option to check your internet speed and it will show all the details about your internet connection in a neat and organized interface.

All-in-all, this application is a must have if you suspect unusual activity on your internet connection.

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