Monitor Your Kids Internet & Facebook Activities with Minor Monitor

Minor Monitor is a website that allows users to monitor the activities of other people on their computer by giving a detailed overview of the data to the user. It also manages and monitors Facebook activities of users.

minor monitor

It is an online tool that monitors your child’s activities on Facebook and the internet and gives you an overview of all the websites that they have visited, as well as all the activities on Facebook.

To get started, you are required to register to website which is free. Then you have to login to Facebook using your child’s Facebook account. Once these steps are completed, you can proceed to the homepage. Here you can easily view all the activities that your child is performing on Facebook.

minor monitor1

This website also shows data in the form of graphs and statistics related to your child’s usage of Facebook and can get an idea of whether your child is using social networking for the wrong reasons. Users will be able to view the photos on which their child has been tagged in, their comments, posts, friend lists, status updates etc. This website gathers all these data and creates graphs depicting whether your child is having a positive or negative effect from the use of Facebook.

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