More Details about G Watch from LG Surface: Points to an Always on Display

LG alongside Motorola was one of the very first partners to reveal details about their plans as Android announced the Android Wear, their dive into the sea of wearables. Little details were given out though despite the initial design of the wrist wear were shown off. However, with Matias Duarte confirming to Joshua Topolsky in an interview recently aired at the Accel Design Conference that Android Wear was definitely a reality and all set to be announced in the summers.

Android Wear

Following that LG have given us some more information about the G Watch on their website here. The watch will come with an always on display which is one of the most important and demanded features given at the end of the day it is a watch and expected to display the time on all occasions. Pretty sure though, that the watch will have some sort of standby mode though, else battery life will take a huge knock.

Android Wear- 3

Not just this, the device is water and dust resistant making it perfect for use even in adverse climatic conditions. From the looks of the renders, the device UI will mainly comprise of the square Google Now cards and there is also a small microphone slot at the chin of the device for voice activations. There doesn’t seem to be any other port or opening on the device though, raising a question of potentially solar charging. The G Watch would be available in two variants with black dial and silver or golden trims with black and white straps respectively.

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