More Details of the Nexus 6P Slide out as the Presentation Slide Surfaces

It must be the worst kept secret of the industry that there will be new Nexus devices coming out on September 29th which is tomorrow. The larger of the two Nexus devices is slated to be called the Nexus 6P and will be manufactured by Huawei. Being the larger of the two devices, and most likely to come with a metallic chassis, the Nexus 6P is expected to also be a more expensive of the two phones and pack a heavier punch when it comes to the internal memory of the phone, making it the first Nexus to come with 128 GB of storage.


However, more details of the phone have been revealed as the presentation slide of the keynote apparently has been been caught in to the wild of the internet world. According to the slide, the device will come with a 5.7 inch WQHD resolution and Snapdragon 810 out of the box. The phone will be running Android Marshmellow out of the box, just like the Nexus 8X, making them the first Marshmellow phones.

The battery on the Nexus 9P is expected to be gigantic 3450 mAh and the device will weigh 178 grams, which is due to the metallic unibody design. There is a Dual front speaker on the phone and you will also get the latest USB Type C connector for data syncing and charging.

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