More Images Surface of the Metallica Lumia EOS Device

We just saw the first benchmark presence of perhaps a Quad Core Lumia device here. We are not entirely sure if this is the same device as the EOS Lumia device we have been hearing about. But so far, we have seen only the Camera unit of the device clearly but not much more. However, the device could well be rocking a whole metallic package, unlike any of the Lumia devices out there. More shots of the device reveal a very similar Volume, Power unlock and Shutter Button arrangement that we have come to expect from Lumia devices.

Metallic lumia_1

The device although not confirmed by Nokia, obviously must have reached some sort of production stage for so many shots to be leaking left, right and center. The leaked shot does not include the Camera sensor, but the device size is unlike any we have seen so far. Many tech blogs are reporting that this could well be a phablet Lumia device measuring more than 5 inch in screen size. It is indeed the big size of the device that makes us believe that there could well be two EOS Lumia devices, one metallic and one plastic.

We do hope things would be a lot clearer on July 11th, when Stephen Elop is expected to take the stage and show off the future of Lumia devices presumably sporting the famous EOS technology.

Via: Engadget

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