More Photos Leaked Online of the supposed Motorola X Phone

After the run away success of the iPhone, seems like Android is preparing an X Phone to be the next face of Android devices. The device has been in rumors for a long time now, with the first few leaks appearing a couple of month or so ago. The phone would be apparently shipped with the next latest and greatest Android OS likely to be titled KeyLime Pie. If you are to go by the tech experts, the X Phone is the next big thing to come from Motorola and both Motorola and Google are banking strongly on the device to lead the revival of Motorola as a major smart phone player.


Popular source Evleaks has leaked out few more images of the X Phone and although things are not very clear from a specs or even dimensional point of view, we do get a feeling that the device will have a premium construction design. The back on the device looks pretty similar to the back on the likes of Motorola Atrix 2 or the Droid Razr, so we cannot totally rule out a Kevlar or some sort of a matte rubber polycarbonate construction. The front has a neat trim again looking like some sort of a polycarbonate material.


Although looking at the leaks we guess the OS on board is Android Jellybean 4.2, but rest assured this would be updated if and when the device does go public.

Do let us know if you are excited about the Motorola X Phone like we are in the section below.

Via: Evleaks Twitter

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