More Screenshots of a Nokia Device Running Android Leak

It is inevitable now, isnt it? We have always wanted a Nokia made Android device. Imagine what a stellar build quality of Nokia with the awesomeness of Android could do. Most of the tech experts believe that if only Nokia had gone along with Android and not flirted with Windows Phone the way it did, things would have been so much more different. maybe we would still have Nokia, as well, Nokia instead of Nokia Mobility acquired by Microsoft.

Nokia- Android

Anyway, what might have been might have been. Fast Forward to the future and we may well have an Android powered Nokia device. We had covered the leak sometime ago and today some more screenshots of the device, codenamed Normandy have been leaked out in the wild. We heard that the device was a prototype but looks like there is a fair chance we may see it in the open sooner than later.

The device has a very similar design language as the Nokia Lumia devices and has only one back button, very similar to the likes of Asha 501. It seems to be running a heavily skinned version of Android but from the screenshots you can see it will support the Google Play Store apps. It is also interesting to see that the phone may actually be a dual sim device making its release in India all the more plausible given the popularity of such devices here.

Via: GSM Arena

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