More Screenshots of Apple’s Healthbook app from iOS 8 Leak out

We are still hungover from the release of iOS 7.1 and adjusting to some weird new things, and leaks of iOS 8 would just not stop. After some preliminary shots which not really reveal anything majorly groundbreaking, a new set of screenshots have been revealed of iOS 8. This time on show is a fitness tracking app called Healthbook, very similar in function as well as UI to the already existing Passbook.

The application will supposedly track all the important parameters of your body like the respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart beat rate etc. Not just this, there is some real intricate data too, such as Blood Sugar level, hydration rate and nutrition in there. It is obviously a mystery on how the application would be recording this data given that it actually does exist. One could guess that maybe something like an iWatch could be the tracking device to pick all the data but you would not rue out a Galaxy S V type of a body sensor that could well be embed in a touch point of the next iPhone.

healthbook-book (1)

According to Mike Gurman from 9to5Mac who broke the story:

Hires, patents, and other evidence have indicated that Apple has long been working on a wearable computer with fitness and health-tracking functionality. Specifically, Apple has hired several engineers with specific experience in designing, building, and shipping medical sensors. The majority of the medical hardware-related hires focus on tracking blood sugar levels and scanning veins. Notable hires include executives and scientists from Senseonics, C8 MediSensors, Sano Intelligence, and Vital Connect.

Via: 9to5Mac

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