Moto E Second Generation Launching on March 10th in India

Motorola changed the game with the announcement of the Motorola Moto E when it was announced last year. What followed was an avalanche of devices in the lower budget price segment which has since given a tremendous value to the customers, in general. Now second time around, with the Motorola Moto E making its way to India, the game is slightly trickier with a lot of players to take on. The likes of Xiaomi with their 1s and Lenovo with their A600, as well as the entire Android One lineup are some of the competitors that have kind of stolen the thunder from Moto a little bit.

Moto E Press Invite

Motorola will have the chance to earn the mojo back when the Motorola Moto E is announced in India on March 3rd. Motorola has already begun sending out the invites for the launch and it looks like both the LTE as well as the 3G variant of the device will be made available. Both the phones, like any other Motorola device will remain Flipkart exclusive only.

It is being speculated that the 3G variant of the device will sell for somewhere in the region of Rs 7,000 while the LTE version would be about Rs 1,000 on the plus side. The Moto E second generation features a larger screen, larger battery, larger internal storage and a faster processor on the LTE version.

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