Moto X Scratch Resistance Tested Against Knives and Hammers

Although obviously nobody subjects their expensive smartphones to knives and hammers or anything that is remotely close to damaging them, it is always nice to know how the device will react in case the worst situations did come true and the phone had to face some tough conditions. This could be a major fall or even simply wear and tear over a period of time. Moto X has been one of the best Android smartphones of the year 2013. Despite all the customizations the Moto X remains a smart phone made largely out of plastic. No, we do not really buy into all the polycarbonate stories, simply because our Engineering Degrees tell us polycarbonate is only a fancy name of plastic.

Moto X Scratch test

So, what would happen if the device is put through some of the toughest tests? Would the Moto X stand it or simply crumble under the pressure and we would have multitudes of scratches and broken back panels? Here is an interesting YouTube video produced by PhoneBuff where the Moto X is scratched brutally by a knife and a hammer.

Honestly, we were surprised by how well the device stood up to the impact tests, especially given it is pretty much plastic. The device still worked and that for us makes the Moto X definitely a lot more desirable device than before.

Are you impressed with the performance of the Moto X? in handling the scratches and impact? Let us know in the section below.

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