Motorola Announces Moto G Forte in Mexico

Motorola has finally announced the Motorola Moto G Forte in Mexico. The device has been in news for a couple of weeks as once again the sources of leaks on the internet were proved to be absolutely correct. The device has been officially launched on in Mexico as of now, and there are no clear plans at all at the moment to bring it to any other country.


From the onset, the device is exactly like the Moto G from the inside and in fact outside. You can think of the Moto G Forte as a Moto G with a rugged case. The case helps in better gripping of the device and makes it look a little manly if you may. However, the device is still not IP 56 or IP 67 certified, so no, you can still not take it for a swim or in a dust-storm.

As stated from the inside the specifications are exactly the same. The device runs Android KitKat 4.4 out of the box unlike the Moto G that was launched at Android 4.3 but updated right a few days later. The screen is the same 720 P 4.5 inch display with capacitive buttons. The Forte is powered by the QuadCore Snapdragon 400 SoC like the Moto G with 1 GB of RAM. The rear camera is the same 5 MP with LED flash and packs 2070 mAh non removable battery. It is worth noting that the Grip Shell case that comes with the Moto G out of the box, which in fact is the main differentiator, is available for Rs 999 in India already. So, if you have a Moto G, you can actually easily convert it to a Moto G Forte.

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