Motorola Atrix 2 Specs and Pictures Out!

Motorola Atrix in my humble opinion was the best phone of the last year. No matter how the exploits of Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4 or any other device, for raw speed, power and ability to think out of the box, Atrix was the in thing. Truly a phone that redefined the new generation of phones by being the first dual core smartphone and the incorporation of a laptop dock which was a very unique concept.


The worthy successor to the Atrix is Atrix 2 and it has been one of the most keenly awaited cellphones of the last quarter of 2011. In fact, it is one of the most searched devices on the internet, and finally we have the first press release and the specs of the device. It is rumored that the device will keep the brand name of Atrix and be called Atrix 2 and not a host of other names suggested. What else has changed? Well, the device is now going to carry a 4.3 inch QHD display as compared to the smaller 4 inch screen and a 8 Mega pixel camera instead of the 5 MP sensor. The RAM on the device is awesome 1 GB while the memory on board is impressive 8GB expandable up to 40 GB through Micro SD cards.

The battery has been upgraded too and the device will still have a lapdock available to it like its predecessor. However, the lapdock has also seen some changes as the screen has been reduced in size by about an inch and there is a slight new design. Also, there is a change in mechanism of how the phone will be connected to the lapdock.


I certainly predict that the device would be a massive hit just like the Atrix and with the lapdock even more compact and easier to carry , this device may well be the next hit amongst the people looking for alternatives to laptops. I for sure am extremely keen to get one of these, are you? Do let us know!

[via: Technobufallo].

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  1. Nice pics..The power button’s located up top to the right. Unlike the OG Atrix, there’s no fingerprint scanner to be found here. We found this downgrade a little disappointing, but it’s by no means a deal-breaker. The fingerprint scanner on the original was fairly gimmicky in the first place.

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