Motorola Atrix HD Is Here

Motorola has been making steady progress towards being one of the better manufacturers of Android smart phones. The Atrix as well as the Razr line of devices have been a hit as far as the Google acquired company are concerned. And this line is all set to recieve another upgrade in the form of Motorola Atrix HD. Atrix 1 and 2 were extremely successful phones especially 1 since it bought the whole new concept of dock and the phone. Atrix 2 did not do too well yet for the price, it was one of the most feature packed smartphone.

Following the trend of super sleek and extremely powerful phones, Motorola is all set to roll out the Atrix HD, which will be available via At&t in the United States first. The smart phone is slightly bigger in the form factor as compared to the previous versions of Atrix devices. The device is also slimmer as compared to the previous models and sports a 4.5 inch display which is said to be 50% more vibrant than other smart phones. What other smart phones, we are fairly clueless, but that is exactly what Motorola are saying. The phone is made out of Kevlar just like the razr series adding to the durability of the device and will ship with ICS out of the box instead of Jellybean which is a little disappointing.

The phone will run on a dual core 1.5 GHz processor which is a little disappointing seeing that we are moving toward the quad core setup now. The phone will also sport LTE connectivity and come with smart actions out of the box meaning your device will do things and carry out actions you do not even have to tell it to at fixed times. The UI is also an improvement over the MotoBlur as it is more of a unified interface with the tablets. The camera on board is very similar to the one on HTC One X and has zero shutter lag too. It is an 8 MP shooter with 1080 P recording. The screen resolutions is 720×1280, so you are looking at a true HD experience.

Price Expected: $99 on contract, on sale from July 15th,

You can watch the phone in action here in the video:

Via: Motorola

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