Motorola Begins Rolling Out Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update to Motorola Moto G Third Generation

Motorola has been known to be one of the first brands to roll out updates to the latest Android versions on their device. In fact, the Motorola Moto X Second generation got the updates on occasions, faster than some of the older Nexus devices. The main reason for the same has been the fact that Motorola has largely gone ahead with the Vanilla version of Android without much of a tweaking here and there and as a result, the rollout process is faster as there are not many changes that the OEM needs to do after the AOSP code has been received from Google.

Moto G Third marshmallow

With the Marshmallow adoption rate, just about .5% so far globally, Motorola will be looking to help the grim picture as it has started rolling out the marshmallow update for its Motorola Moto G third generation users. The update, like all will be rolled out in batches so if you have not received it yet, you will be receiving it very soon. The update is only for Motorola Moto G Third Gen, and it doesn’t include the Turbo version. The update as expected will bring features like Doze, Now on Tap and more.

The update will take your Moto G Third Gen from Android 5.1.1 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The software version for the same is 24.11.25.en.US and the total update is about 2 GB in size. In order to update your phone, you will need to get into Settings and search for About Phone right at the bottom and then click on System Update. if the update has rolled out, you will find it here and if not, you can push your system to search for Android update using this neat trick.

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