Motorola Begins Teasing the Moto X: Phone that you can Design Yourself

The Moto X is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the world. The device has been rumoured to be coming for a very long time. A month or so ago, Motorola did confirm the existence of the device but not much has been known about the specs of the device apart from a couple of leaked images here and there. However, one thing is for certain that this is pretty much the product that Motorola is planning to relaunch itself as a top OEM with.

Motorola X Phone Ad

However, plenty more has been leaked by a newspaper ad by the company which makes the device pretty unique. The first one being the fact the device is made and assembled in the United States. However, the catch here is the fact that not only is the device made in USA but you can also design it yourself and based on your own personal interests. This is what has stuck us as the most impressive part of the device, so for example will I be able to change the shells of the back of the device or the front of the device or how exactly would this work? Unfortunately Motorola has not given any of that away just as yet.

The ad is expected to soon be seen in the bigger newspapers such as New York Times, Washington Daily etc. This makes us hopeful of more information on this mystery device soon.

Via: The Verge

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