Motorola Changes Policy Towards Developers: Softens the Stand

Motorola has taken some remarkable steps in the past few weeks. Right from announcing the Moto X, to announcing the Moto G, to softening the stand on their policies towards Developers, it has been pretty good few weeks for Motorola. The last point is definitely serious business and one that the developers will like. there has been a constant battle between people of the open community and the people from the Manufacturers about the warranty being voided in case the device is rooted or if the bootloader is unlocked. Motorola, being a Google company is the first in softening its stand and claims to have heard what the devs had to say.

Moto X Dev Edition GSM

As a result, now, Motorola is promising the following:

  • Requesting an unlock code will no longer void the device’s warranty
  • We will start posting return-to-factory software images

But what if you have already purchased a Developer Device from Moto in the past year or so? Well, there is good news for you too:

For customers who have previously purchased a 2012 or 2013 Developer Edition device directly from Motorola and who have requested a bootloader unlock code, we will reinstate the warranty effective from the date of original purchase. (You’ll recognize these models because they come with a printed “Developer Edition” across the back

All in all, we are delighted with this stand from the company. It certainly shows that they mean business and want to support their developer community. It certainly is a start and we hope several of the other big players will follow. Yes Samsung, Sony and the rest, I am talking to you!

Via: Motorola Blog

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