Motorola Chief Confirms the Moto X Phone at D11 Conference

Everybody keeping the paces with the tech industry knows that Motorola has been secretly working on a smart phone that would take on the flagship devices of the current time and run them close for their money. This Motorola X Phone was widely expected to be shown off at the Google I/O 2013, but that did not happen. Motorola has been fairly quiet since they announced the device such as Motorola Razr i or the Razr HD last year and it is being believed that the X Phone will be the big rescuing device for the company which has now been acquired by Google. All of this was a plain rumour by the way, until the Chief of Motorola confirmed that the Moto X Phone actually is in works and could be released later this year.

Moto X Phone Confirmed


(Image via: ALD)

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola confirmed in his interview at the D 11 conference that the X Phone would be released sometime between now and October time frame. The CEO also confirmed that the X Phone is not the only device coming from Motorola and we could actually see a plethora of phones from the company in the near future. Although, he did hint he was carrying the device in his pocket, he did not reveal it to the hawk eyes of the media.

Dennis did confirm though that the device is sensitive to what is happening around and can sense it’s environment. For example, it would fire the camera up when it is plucked out of the pocket or behave differently by perhaps opening the car mode in the device when inside a car being driven at 60 kmph. How that happens is all a mystery right now. the specs of the device were also not revealed, but what is for sure now at least though, is that the X Phone does exist, and it is coming soon.


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